Mt Fuji Hibachi Steakhouse
650 S Jefferson Ave
Mt Pleasant, TX 75455


Mt Fuji Hibachi Steakhouse

Outstanding Sushi
Doug Grantham, Winnsboro, TX
10/5/2018 5:18:38 PM
Had heard rave reviews about how good the sushi was at Mt. Fuji Igor a couple of months. Went there today and found the rave reviews were spot on. The sushi was excellent. The service and prices were good. If you are a sushi in the area, Drive no further that Mt. Fuji to get your sushi fix. I walked back to the sushi bar where the sushi was being made and was delighted to see a man of Japanese decent busy making wonderful dishes. I give them five Grantham stars!
Yajaira Garcia, Mt Pleasant
4/20/2018 9:48:12 PM

Loved it !!!!! Just great food !!! Will be back

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