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Japanese cuisine may be delicious, but sometimes all you need is a meal within the comforts of your own home. Knowing how important your convenience is as well as the quality of your meal, our team proudly offers food delivery for those craving a cozy, authentic bite.

Whether you’re craving a freshly grilled hibachi meal or some sushi rolls stuffed with delicious and fresh ingredients, know our team can have it at your door in no time! Enjoy all the flavors of a traditionally prepared Japanese meal and don’t sacrifice your convenience!

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While simple and small, sushi delivers a multi-faceted and flavorful taste that has taken the world by storm. Of course, our team wouldn’t dream of calling ourselves a truly authentic Japanese dining experience if we didn’t provide a myriad of sushi options for our guests.

From classic sushi and tuna rolls to unique concoctions courtesy of our passionate team of chefs, there is a world of different flavors and bites to experience within our doors! Whether you’re coming in a small group or a large party, allow our team to deliver on the patented flavors sushi can provide.

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Sushi Restaurant

The wide spanning popularity of sushi and rolls can hardly be denied. Of course, our team naturally serves a myriad of simple and intricate rolls towards providing our guests a truly authentic Japanese dining and sushi restaurant experience.

Whether you’re craving a classic salmon or tuna roll or would prefer to try something a little innovative like our rain forest roll, there is a world of different flavors and bites to experience from our menu! Whether you’re visiting with a small group or a large party, let our team to deliver on the bona fide flavors sushi can provide.

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Doug Grantham, Winnsboro, TX
Had heard rave reviews about how good the sushi was at Mt. Fuji Igor a couple of months. Went there today and found the rave reviews were spot on. The sushi was excellent. The service and prices were good. If you are a sushi in the area, Drive no further that Mt. Fuji to get your sushi fix. I walked back to the sushi bar where the sushi was being made and was delighted to see a man of Japanese decent busy making wonderful dishes. I give them five Grantham stars!
Yajaira Garcia, Mt Pleasant
Loved it !!!!! Just great food !!! Will be back
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